Seafood Distribution

Aquafin Trade, Inc. has been bringing the world the finest grade of seafood available from selected fisheries and processors. Our seafood distribution ompany works with producers, manufacturers and fisheries that comply with the regulations given by EU (directives 91/493 and 94/356 of CEE) and the HACCP standards. From its origins in Brazil, Aquafin Trade, Inc. has consistently maintained its focus on providing its customers with high grade frozen seafood products and by-products available at inviting prices.

Aquafin Trade, Inc. was headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with satellite offices in Brazil in order to serve its clients and capitalize on transportation logistics. As of May 1st 2015, Aquafin Trade, Inc. moved its Headquarters to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

We supply top quality seafood products to importers, exporters, wholesalers, restaurant chains, and other food suppliers throughout the Midwest, Europe, China and Asia. Some of our staple products are Argentinean Shrimp, Hake, Red Snapper, Pagrus Pagrus, Mackerel, Blue Shark, Octopus.

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